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You know you should cook and eat healthy...

...but you don't know exactly where to begin. Eating healthy begins with cooking healthy and there is no better teacher than first-hand experience. The fastest road to optimal wellness is to learn to cook. This empowers you to fuel your body with the very best nutrients and ingredients without having to guess about what ‘secret’ ingredients you might be ingesting.

Learn how to incorporate whole food ingredients into your meals

Pears and Cranberries

At A Nourished Life, we empower you by teaching you how ‘ingredient-conscious’ cooking, mindful eating and healthy activity go hand-in-hand. Through our highly interactive culinary workshops, you will learn how to incorporate the healthiest, whole food ingredients into your diet. We’ll teach you how to build healthy menus along with cooking tips and tricks and how to choose the very best ingredients for your body . . .all while being kind to the earth in this process.

Ultimately, our mission is to educate . . . first, on choosing healthy ingredients and second, on how to prepare them so they are delicious and retain their nutritional value.  Our greatest desire is to provide you with a culinary experience that will change your life forever!


Healthy One Dish Meals

Great instructor. Very willing to answer extra questions. Well-prepared and well-planned class. The food selections were wonderful and all tasted delicious. I’m a very happy customer. READ MORE

- Deb W.